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The PMS-PD 3 allows you to easily integrate USB-C, high speed USB PD charging, and internal flash storage into your Wii portable. It improves upon the PMS-PD 2 by integrating onboard micro SD card support, reducing the number of required wires, and improving charging speeds with high-wattage power supplies. 

Can I borrow your charger?

PMS-PD 3 is fully compliant with USB-C PD, granting your portable the convenience of high-speed charging from any USB-C PD charger or power bank. Charge speed is configurable, with power draw up to 12V, through homebrew on your portable.

It is the inside that counts

Your phone does not need a flash drive sticking out the top to work. Your portable should not either. PMS-PD 3 is the easiest and most effective way to integrate internal storage on your portable Wii. This opens the door to much greater design flexibility.

Plug. Drag. Drop. Play 

Any micro SD card inserted on the board will automatically be accessible through the USB C port when the system is turned off. When you plug your PMS-PD equipped device into your computer, the micro SD storage inside shows up as a USB device. This makes loading new software and backing up saves a breeze.

Same footprint as before

The PMS-PD 3 utilizes the same footprint as the older PMS-PD 2, enabling backwards compatibility. It also features castellated pads along the edges. These pads can serve as solder pads for wires, or soldered wire-free onto boards of your own design using our open-source footprints. Building a tidy, highly integrated portable has never been easier.


- USB C Connector 
- USB C Power Delivery (up to 12v)
- Onboard micro SD slot with automatic switching for internal access through USB C port
- Onboard power button
- Castellated pads for integration into other board designs


PMS-PD Drawing