About 4Layer

About 4 Layer Technologies

4Layer Technologies was started by console modding enthusiasts Shank, Aurelio, and Gunnar with a goal to develop products to push the capabilities of gamers and modders. 

Shank - BBA Marketing, BBA Management

Shank made his introduction to the modding scene with his extensive documentation of the Wii circuit board and its various revisions. His push for portablization of the Wii helped lay the foundation for the portablizing scene as we know it today. After showcasing his projects on his YouTube channel, “Shank Mods,” Shank and his projects have become well known beyond the modding scene.

Gunnar - B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Gunnar, known by the moniker “Gman” online, has been modding and building portables for over a decade. In that time, he has built over 100 portable consoles, both for himself and as commissions. His electrical engineering background and experience has helped him define what's truly possible in the world of modding and portablizing.

Aurelio - Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. Engineering Physics

Aurelio’s wide portfolio of expertise has been invaluable for the modding scene. Time and time again he has taken what many believed to be impossible pipe dreams, and delivered them in the form of free, open source software updates. From advanced circuits, to software, to FPGAs; Aurelio’s skillset in the modding world cannot be overstated.