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The RVL Power Management System Version 2 is the ubiquitous power solution for your next Wii portable. This compact board handles all your power needs by combining battery management and voltage regulation onto a single board. Version 2 integrates all the features of the original RVL-PMS, and improves upon them even more. This board is optimized for 4 layer Wii boards, and not designed for use with 6 layer Wii boards that draw substantially more power.


Version 2 integrates new functions to improve your portable. Built-in U10 emulation allows the PMS 2 to operate as a replacement for the U10. 


The thermal monitoring has been upgraded to include fan speed controls. The PMS-2 monitors the temperature of your portable through a thermocouple, and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, allowing it to find the sweet spot of cool and quiet. 


Like the first iteration, the RVL-PMS 2 can operate independently of the Wii. But it also has the ability to communicate with the Wii over i2C using custom software, opening a world of versatility. On-screen indicators can display battery level and charging status in game. Using RVLoader on the Wii allows you to configure the PMS 2 right on your portable. You can change your charging parameters, calculate remaining battery life or time to charge, set the power button/switch behavior, monitor internal temperature, update your firmware, and more, all from within software on your portable.


Nobody is perfect, and sometimes a late night session ends with a wire going where it shouldn't. The new built in reverse polarity protection provides a safety net against some of the most common wiring mistakes. While these new protections will not protect you from ALL user error, they might just save you from an unexpected encounter with magic smoke.


The New PMS is smaller than the original, making it easier than ever to find a nice comfy place to rest in your portable. 


Pairing the RVL-PMS with an RVL-PD opens the door for more features, such as internal flash storage, and USB C Power Delivery for high speed charging. While not required, the two were specifically designed to work seamlessly together to give your portable that professional polish it deserves. 



- High Efficiency 1v, 1.15v, 1.8v, 3.3v, and 5v regulators
- Simultaneous charge and play functionality
- Battery Protections: Over-voltage, under-voltage, current limit, reverse polarity
- Integrated battery management and charging circuitry
- Compatible with any 1S Lithium-ion battery configuration
- Compatible with both cylindrical Li-Ion and flat Li-Po packs
- Configurable charge speed with input power up to 15V 3A (45 Watts)
- Input power up to 15V 3A (45 Watts)
- Thermal probe for safety shutdown and temperature controlled fan speed
- Coulomb counter fuel gauge for accurate battery level and status
- Addressable RGB led output for battery level and charge status
- U10 emulation
- 32mm x 35mm
- Castellated edges for modular design integration


- Complete integration with RVLoader
- On-screen display of info such as battery level
- Firmware upgradable straight through RVLoader
- Detailed info on Wii's temperature, battery status, battery health, and more
- Configurable power switch behavior (Momentary or toggle)
- Configurable battery parameters, including max voltage and max charging current


RVL-PMS 2 Drawing



1x RVL-PMS-2


1x WS2812 THT LED



To update your PMS2, copy the "pms2.bin" file onto the root of your RVLoader usb drive. Use the c-stick to navigate to the settings menu and click on firmware update under the Power tab. The PMS2 will now take a few seconds to update. 

Make sure file is named as "pms2.bin"

v1.1 - corrected color order for the included ws2812b led. decreased addressable led brightness. temperature sensor values are averaged and look more stable on RVLoader. 

v1.2Enabled fan PID tuning -Added LED intensity control -Added support for WS2812B addressable LEDs -Implemented potentiometer input for RVLAMP volume control