GC+ 2

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GC+ 2 is the latest iteration of Aurelio's revolutionary open-source GameCube controller emulator.  This tiny board uses custom software to replicate all functions of the GameCube controller, with additional custom features to increase its versatility, making it a perfect way to integrate GameCube controller functionality into your portable, custom controller, or other project. 

Stick to the plan

Wiring up controllers to sticks and potentiometers that they were not designed for can introduce issues such as dead zones or limited range. GC+ 2 allows calibration in seconds through a homebrew app, allowing use of any potentiometer stick your heart desires. Full range can be achieved on any stick, values can be inverted, and dead zones can be calibrated to meet your needs. Whether you plan to control your project with 3ds sliders, switch sticks, or wacky resistor ladders, GC+ 2 has you covered. 

Shake things up

Version 2 of GC+ adds support for the precise and highly responsive linear resonant actuators (LRAs), giving your project crisp, powerful, and well defined rumble feedback. LRA functionality can be enabled through the onboard solder jumper, while leaving it open enables compatibility with traditional rumble motors.

Settings Galore

The companion Wii homebrew app for GC+ 2 lets you configure your settings to suit your project's needs. Rumble intensity can be adjusted, analog shoulder button behavior tweaked, sticks calibrated, dead zone shape and size changed, axis' can be inverted, and more. Software can be installed or updated straight through the app, and sent over the GameCube controller's data line. Needless to say, this controller has been built from the ground up to suit any needs.

New and improved

Since its introduction in early 2017, iterations of GC+ have found their way into nearly every Wii portable since. Version 2 incorporates every feature of the first iteration, and builds upon it. Many features were added, including a configurable second Z button, LRA support, and a world of software configuration. The open source code was entirely rewritten in C, granting advanced users with coding experience near limitless control. This added flexibility opens the door to additional features in updates, both from the 4 Layer Team, and from community contributions.

Easier integration than ever

4 Layer's GC+ 2 also features castellated pads along the edges. These pads can serve as solder pads for wires, or soldered wire-free onto boards of your own design using our open-source footprints. Building a tidy, highly integrated portable has never been easier.


- Complete GameCube controller functionality

- 24mm * 24mm footprint

- Universal stick potentiometer compatibility, with configurable ranges, dead zones, and axis inversion

- Support for LRA and standard rumble motors, both 3.3v and 5v rumble voltage supported

- Additional configurable second Z button

- Support for dual function digital and analog shoulder buttons

- Configurable analog shoulder button behavior

- Configurable and updatable straight from the Wii over the GC controller data line

- Castellated pads for easy design integration

- Hold X+Y+A on boot to reset the joystick configuration to default