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Clearly Digital. 

The RVL-AMP is a digital audio amp designed specifically for Wii Portables. This tiny amp taps the digital audio coming straight from the Wii’s GPU, and supports both speakers and headphone audio with automatic switching between the two. Digital Audio allows for a cleaner, higher quality audio signal that is more resilient to interference. This opens the door to some of the clearest audio possible out of a Wii motherboard.

Made for Wii Portables.

RVL-AMP is a simplified version of the U-AMP 2 that features all the Wii digital audio features into the same compact footprint. It retains full functionality of Wii digital audio, including RVL-HUD on-screen overlays, headphone jack with automatic switching, and compatibility with both analog and digital volume controls. A headphone jack can be soldered directly to the back of the board, increasing the flexibility of the board. It also features castellated pads along the edges. These pads can serve as solder pads for wires, or soldered wire-free onto boards of your own design using our open-source footprints. Building a tidy, highly integrated portable has never been easier.


Full compatibility requires updating to RVLoader 1.6 and PMS Firmware v1.2


- Wii Digital Audio Input
- Hold Z+Y+DU to increase the volume, and Z+Y+DD to decrease the volume. On screen indicator will indicate the volume level and if the speakers are plugged in. 
- Digital and Analog audio controls will now display on screen through RVL-HUD
- .5 watt speaker amplifier @ 8 ohms
- 27mWatt headphone amplifier with automatic switching
- Onboard headphone jack footprint (manufacturer product number SJ-3524-SMT-TR)
- Digital and analog volume level controls
- Recommended speaker part# SP-1511L